Feeling whole and well is truly a gift

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I was dealing with severe sinus problems causing earaches, as it  seemed my every sinus cavity was constantly inflamed. As well as high  cholesterol, fears of osteoporosis, aggressiveness, thyroid problems and  severe anxiety attacks.

After many exhausting visits to medical doctors and specialists I  turned to Homeopathy. Aside from this I was desperate to unfold the many  knots in my personality. Who was I really and why am I behaving the way  I do.

My first meeting with Lucy…I thought, “How can she help me?” This lovely lady in a very simple lovely room.

I was in for the surprise of my life. She listened as I spoke and as I  confronted her with “her abilities” my unbridled energy in its scary,  dysfunctional confusion filled her room. What a state I was in.
I left unimpressed and received my remedy, which I was to do the hocus-  and things would change. Well I will give anything a try.
The answers I so desperately sought came pouring out.

As my emotional issues were so gently and undeniably addressed so were  my physical issues. Through the few months of treatment the sinus  problem COMPLETELY dissipated. Lucy had to bring it to my attention. I  was no longer suffering with this horrible issue. My energy returned, as  did a sense of well being that I had never really experienced in life.

The cause of the anxiety was coming from a place I never would have  expected. The remedies seemed to help me find all my Aaaah Haaa moments.

Now I know who I am. I know why I was constantly doing what I didn’t  want to do. I know how to deal with it all in a way that benefits  everyone. Feeling whole and well is truly a gift that I never thought  could be.

No drugs with ugly side effects. No emotional traumatic unraffling.

It appears to me that this treatment guides the body and strengthens  it so as to encourage physical and emotional healing simultaneously. The  trip was short, pleasant and very educating

What an amazing journey.

Thank you Lucy for being that one in a million that is there because you simply want to help.

– D.R. Port Moody

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