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There is no guarantee

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By Lucy De Pieri PhD, DCH Actually, there are 2 guarantees, taxes and death, sooner or later they catch up with us and otherwise there are really no guarantees in life. I recall an accident a couple of years ago, a young woman was waiting for the traffic lights to change, she was hit on… Read More »

I have experienced profound healing

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I have experienced profound healing in many areas of my life as a  result of my treatments with Lucy. Her calm, supportive and  non-judgemental manner made a huge difference in the way I was able to  share my information, and I felt extremely respected, acknowldeged, and  safe. I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone wishing… Read More »

Opened me up to a new way of dealing with health

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My experience with Lucy was my first introduction to homeopathic  practice. I began to see Lucy at a time in my life where I was dealing  with a great deal of distress, both emotional and physical. I found  Lucy’s approach to health and wellness extremely healing. She gave me  the time to express myself in… Read More »