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Homeopathy… what is it?

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by Lucy De Pieri PhD, DCH “Hair of the dog”… that morning after heavy drinking, when some may reach for a stale ale to recover from that vicious hangover. Little do people know, they are using one of the homeopathic principles – “A substance (i.e. alcohol) that can cause a disease (i.e. hang-over) is also… Read More »

Did You Know…

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Did you know? Homeopathy can help your children with: Teething Earaches Coughs, croup Cold and flu Fevers Developmental delay Fears Vomiting and diarrhea Asthma Allergies Eczema Bump and bruises and …. much more

A homeopathic perspective of Bird Flu

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Back to articles (Originally published in Hpathy.com August 2007) Definitions (1) Epidemic: An infectious disease that attacks many people at the same time in the same geographical area. Endemic: Disease that occurs continuously or in expected cycles in a population, with a certain number of cases expected for a given period. e.g. Influenza and the common… Read More »