My pain has gone down by 90% !

When I came to Lucy a year ago, I was covered in eczema from neck to ankles and had been able to eat only ten foods for about 25 years.  I was even unable to take the supplements necessary to correct digestion, leaky gut, or fibromyalgia, so I was in no man’s land.  After a… Read More »

I felt like I was a whole patient

January 18, 2011 I went to Lucy De Pieri for a general ailment–something that bothered me for a long time but not serious enough to go to my regular “western medicine” doctor. I was a bit nervous but I also wanted relief. Lucy listened and asked questions about many different things. I felt like I… Read More »

I count myself extremely fortunate

I count myself extremely fortunate to have discovered Lucy De Pieri. When I first went to her, I was very low emotionally and felt hopeless and “just done”. She kindly made an appointment for me immediately, and when I left one hour later after being intently listened to and some gentle questioning I felt hope.… Read More »

Life Changing

I’ve gone to see Lucy on a variety of issues and she is nothing short of amazing. She has found a solution for every ailment I had…. Lucy is as close as they come to a miracle worker. Thank you so much and I can’t recommend you highly enough. The world needs more healers like… Read More »

“I have used Lucy’s services both for myself and a family member

Lucy tailors remedies to your needs and gives you a greater understanding of how homeopathic treatments may help your condition. Lucy has a high degree of expertise in this field and it shows. She is extremely generous with her knowledge and time in order to support her clients. I highly recommend her services. Anyone who… Read More »

I left feeling lighter

May 3, 2011 Last fall I went to see Lucy De Pieri to see if It would help stop the multiple cases of sinusitis I get each year. We sat down and had a chat during my appointment. It was open, emotional, refreshing and nothing like a doctor’s appointment.  At the end I left feeling… Read More »

I find myself stronger

I started my journey in Homeopathy with Lucy in May 2008. Prior to my  consultation with Lucy I had been struggling with some very difficult  issues in my life. I had sought relief using the more popular methods  (psychiatriasts, therapists, workshops, self help books). These  struggles were a constant drain in my life and I… Read More »

Feeling whole and well is truly a gift

I was dealing with severe sinus problems causing earaches, as it  seemed my every sinus cavity was constantly inflamed. As well as high  cholesterol, fears of osteoporosis, aggressiveness, thyroid problems and  severe anxiety attacks. After many exhausting visits to medical doctors and specialists I  turned to Homeopathy. Aside from this I was desperate to unfold… Read More »

I have experienced profound healing

I have experienced profound healing in many areas of my life as a  result of my treatments with Lucy. Her calm, supportive and  non-judgemental manner made a huge difference in the way I was able to  share my information, and I felt extremely respected, acknowldeged, and  safe. I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone wishing… Read More »

Opened me up to a new way of dealing with health

My experience with Lucy was my first introduction to homeopathic  practice. I began to see Lucy at a time in my life where I was dealing  with a great deal of distress, both emotional and physical. I found  Lucy’s approach to health and wellness extremely healing. She gave me  the time to express myself in… Read More »