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The Solution That Worked When Nothing Else Would

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Serenity Homeopathy Clinic is permanently Closed.”

Do you feel overwhelmed and drained with health issues that conventional medicine can’t seem to treat?

Does it feel like your cries for help are not being genuinely listened to?

Do you feel like you have tried everything, without getting to the root of the issue?

And, most importantly, are you ready to get better?

Homeopathy for the whole of you, not just the parts

Hi, I am Lucy De Pieri, and I can hear you because I have been there.

Before I “discovered” homeopathy, I was overwhelmed, drained, and exhausted.

I had a new baby but no maternity leave; I had to go back to work when my baby was 9 weeks old!

I was working full time, nursing full time, and exhausted and overwhelmed full time.

After 6 months I really thought I was not going to cope much longer. But how about my baby? Nothing I tried worked.

I must have looked awful that day, because a kind neighbour asked me if I have ever seen a homeopath.

I was ready to try it, in fact, I was ready to try anything, really. I did and I was amazed.

Homeopathy saved my life, literally.

Now 24 years later, and practising homeopathy for 10 years, I can really see what a difference it has made for me, my family, and people around me.

I would like to give you a gift, a FREE 30-minute consultation so that we can explore how homeopathy can help you too.

Free Consultation? Yes Please!