Not everything is about Covid-19

By Lucy De Pieri

Covid-19 is everywhere, it has changed our lives, the way we think, the way we interact with one other, the way classes are taught, and the way children are learning, the way we go grocery shopping, the way we adapted to line ups at the stores and the dealing with shortages. It has affected how business run, some had to close, other are running at a fraction of how they used to. Yet, thank you to online platforms, we can still attend classes, course, do yoga, physiotherapy, Toast Master’s meeting and so many others, we are adapting and becoming more creative.

There is life beyond, Covid-19, flowers are blooming, and people are having allergies, seniors are still having arthritic pain. Girls are still having period pain and children are still having growing pains, or they are fussy eaters, they are still having nightmares and ear infections. Babies are still teething and crying because it hurts or having colic or refusing mother’s milk.

Before Covid-19, people grieved from the loss of a dear one, loss of a marriage or breakdown of a relationship, and for so many other reasons. Since Covid-19, it looks like the sense of loss has grown exponentially, the grieving is not only for the loss of dear ones, but for loss of an income, for some the inability to meet with friends brings up grief. The rate of domestic abused has increased during Covid-19, it is tragic especially when there is no place to go…

Children and parents are struggling with learning and teaching, there is a deep sense of loss of being in a classroom, with friends and a professional that could address the children’s needs. There is no recess when one is at home and the playgrounds are closed.

Anxiety and fears are escalating, with Covid-19, when is it going to end? How I survive this? How are we going to survive? Is this the end of the world? Are we going to go back as we used to? How about school? Are the children going back to school? How can I get my job back, or any job? So many triggers for anxiety and fears, when life as we know it is gone.

It seems that the pandemic is taken over everything, but looking at things in perspective, there is layer under it, where people are still people, suffering and looking for help.

I am still seeing patients, I offers a number of options, I see patients over Zoom now that their security system was updated, I offer phone call consultation and even in person consultation, the patient decide what how we will meet and how they feel more comfortable.

To help with the consequences of the pandemic, I give a 20% discount to all new patient and a 10% discount to follow up.

The Corona virus is not going to define us, there is a solution to this situation probably involving thinking of how to live more in balance with Mother Earth. It might be more about cooperating with other and less putting oneself always first. I see people helping other, I see less cars on the road, most likely less car accidents, less pollution, easy to go anywhere and no problem parking. For the first time in living memories, in India they can see the Himalayas. From space, our blue planet has clearer, as there is no pollution in regions where it was dominant. There are dolphins in Venice and animals taking over places where they could not go, because of too many people.

What lesson needs to be learned from this experience? While we figure that out, if you need my help, call me. I still offer a 30 minutes free phone or online consultation because… life continue despite Covid-19, let us make the most of now.

Be well and stay well.


If you would like to know more call my cell 604 307 5967 for a free phone consultation, there is no obligation, it’s an opportunity for you to learn to ask those questions that you are eager to find the answer.


Lucy De Pieri

Helping With Your Healing Journey


Lucy is kind-hearted, open-minded, non-judgemental, and understanding. She is supportive and patients feel very comfortable to talk with her, thus beginning their healing process.