Allergic To Cherry Blossoms? Homeopathy Helps

I am noticing more tearing eyes, burning, itchy running noses and I hear that it feels like the throat is closing. Yes, they are all symptoms of allergies.

Over the years I have noticed how much our past affects how we are right now and what we are suffering from. Here is an example
A Japanese lady was allergic to cherry blossoms, after a few questions, it turned up that many years ago, she broke up with her first boyfriend under a cherry tree.

She was totally devastated. She loved cherry blossoms but now they caused her to sneeze, have watery and burning eyes. Over the years she tried many over the counter medications that left her drowsy. She also tried other medicine but nothing helped. She was resigned to her allergies.

In this case, the problem was that she had never recovered from the grief of the breaking of her first love. The remedy helped her with the grief, also addressed her allergies. Now she is enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms again!

Now every time I see cherry blossoms I think of her. When our Vital Force (or Qi or Prana) is disturbed, and our ability to heal is challenged, at the time the challenge it too strong that we start to experience symptoms.

Enjoy the cherry blossoms after a long winter, they are finally here!

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