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Allergies… what is really the triggers

Allergies… what is really the triggers?

You may have a running nose, itchy eyes, leaky eyes, they may even be red and swollen. Your throat may be itchy, and you just feel miserable. I know I used to have allergies. However, if the pollen, the cats and dogs fur and dander, the food would really be the cause of the allergic reaction, then we all be allergic to them. It makes sense, right, the thing is, only certain people are suffering, the rest doesn’t. I know it is not fair…

I have been a homeopath for the last 13 years. I have learned that there is something beneath those pesky allergic reactions. In homeopathy, we call it susceptibility, or our individual weakest link.

I used to be allergic to the fluff from the cottonwood. My eyes would be itchy, I would rub them, I am not sure if this make it better. My nose used to run as if it was the latest fashion, then I found the what I found what was underneath. 

Years ago I was one of the volunteers of the Kent Harrison search and rescue. I became aware how strong and yet, how fragile human being are. We saw people survive the impossible and people that didn’t survive something that looked easy.

This is where my allergic reaction is linked. In my head I had the fear that the fluff would enter my nose preventing me to breath I would die, like those people that didn’t survive. A homeopathic remedy was able to address my fear of death and with it my allergy was gone.

I know it sounds a bit weird. But I know of a Japanese lady terribly allergic to cherry blossoms. It turned out she broke up with her first boyfriend under those pink branches. The remedy addressed her grief her allergy was addressed too, she now can enjoy those beautiful blossoms.

Is it starting to make sense? If you would like to know more, I offer a 30 minutes free consultation, with no obligation, it is just an opportunity for you, to ask questions and learn more about what homeopathy can do for you.

Lucy De Pieri

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Lucy is kind-hearted, open-minded, non-judgemental, and understanding. She is supportive and patients feel very comfortable to talk with her, thus beginning their healing process.

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