Homoeopathy for menopause?

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By Lucy De Pieri Ph.D., DCHAbsolutely, homoeopathy addresses the whole person including women in their menopausal years.Hot flushes, night sweats that can be as bad as having to change bed sheets more than once a night, mood swings, sore breasts, [...]

Have you considered taking such courses?

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I am teaching Homeopathic Essential courses for the School District 43 and the students will learn how to help their family with some acute conditions. I am so proud of my students they are learning a lot from these courses and they are helping themselves and their families. Have you consider taking such courses? Call me 604 307 5967 for more information.

QUIZ: What Do Mother Theresa, Boris Becker And Dr Phil Have In Common?

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What have Mother Theresa, Boris Becker, and Phillip McGraw PhD (Dr. Phil) in common? a. They were all left-handed? b. They all had blue eyes? c. They all use contact lenses? d. None of the above The correct answer was [...]

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