I don’t know what I would do without Aconite

I love squash soup, but I don’t like to peel the thick skin of the squash. That is what I was doing when the knife slipped and my thumb was cut instead of the squash peel.

Blood started pouring out, it was a deep cut. I knew I was in a shock as I observed myself getting cold, and feeling nauseous.

“Aconite”, my homeopathic training kicked up, “yes, go for Aconite in a high potency”, I thought as I was frantically looking for it.

I took a pellet of Aconite 1 M, under my tongue it went, and within a minute, I felt calm again, my thumb felt fine, the bleeding and nausea stopped.

I calmly returned to the kitchen, finishing up with the chopping the squash.

When something happens suddenly and out of the blue, and it is intense, think of Aconite. It really helped me today.
Think of Aconite when there is a panic attack or a sudden mild-to-medium allergic reaction.

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