Dry skin in the winter

Is your skin by and cracking perhaps this winter? With the cold weather, our skin, especially our hands can become dry. There are several actions you can take to prevent of minimize the problem

  • It is a no brainer, but try to protect your hands from the cold when you go outside
  • Drink more water. The weather in the winter, can be dry by increasing the amount of water you drink it will help. Do you know that the cold dry weather can cause nose bleeds? Mucus membranes inside the nose can be damaged by the dry weather.
  • At home air can become dry due to heating, the dryness problem is easily resolved by placing bowls of water in places where children and animals cannot reach. You might be surprised how quickly the water evaporates, making your home more comfortable.
  • Of course you can use hand cream, but the best very is actually to moistures your skin from inside, eat more avocados, they are amongst the super foods, and they keep your skin soft and supple.

If despite the above solutions, your skin is persistently dry
Call me, 604 307 5967, you may need the right homeopathic remedy to help you.

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