It’s all about you

By Lucy De Pieri

It is the time of the year when it is good to reflect back on what happened in 2019.

When I first wrote this blog, it was October and yet Christmas decorations were displayed. I normally write by hand, it is only now, that I have a moment to type it and reflect on what I was thinking then, it is still current, so here it is.

How easy it is to get worked up about anything really, the traffic, the holiday coming up.
It’s so easy to get anxious when we see Christmas decorations displayed in stores next to Halloween costumes. What happened to Remembrance Day? I asked myself.

In the TV ads, everything looks so so perfect, we are made to think that it is the standard that has to be achieved. Oh, yes, the standard that can never be reached. It’s hard to think, “Is this really necessary?” when there is such a peer pressure. It’s hard because we have been trained that to fit in and to conform, to be like them. Have you ever asked yourself “Is it really necessary?” Who are to trying to impress? Yet, the commercials, with their catchy jingles, keep remind us of the countdown to the big day. “Are you ready?” People ask you. Ready for what? I think but don’t dare to ask.

I am ready to spend a peaceful time with my family, feeling blessed that we have a roof over our head, food and gifts, and carols to sing. No need for all the extras, Jesus was born in a manger after all.

Are you asking yourself “What has this to do with Homeopathy”?

It has a lot to do with Homeopathy. In Homeopathy, we address your special type of anxiety, no matter the season. When your Vital Force is in a state of balance, it’s easier to put life into perspective and to decide what is important and what is conditioning from the TV ads, most of all it’s about you and your decisions.

Since it is the new year, I wish you all a Happy New Year and may all your dream come true in 2020!

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Lucy De Pieri

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Lucy is kind-hearted, open-minded, non-judgemental, and understanding. She is supportive and patients feel very comfortable to talk with her, thus beginning their healing process.