It is holiday time!

It is holiday time! The count down to the end of school has begun.  The shops have summer toys on display, it’s time to purchase new swimsuits, as the kids keep growing…. But, oh ….how about the flight? That is when fear grabs your stomach in a tight grip. That old fear of flying has kicked in, just like every time you are planning for something fun. The grip is so tight sometimes, it is hard to breath, almost.

You can cancel the trip,… the kids will be so disappointed. Or you can look into the fear, what causes it?

Statistics shows that flying is the safest means of transport. That was before those two Boeing planes crushed, thinking about it, now is actually the safest time to fly, and planes are inspected and checked over to prevent such a disaster. Why the fear persist?

In my experience, having helped patients with this kind of fear, for 13 years, the fear is not always about dying. Dying is quick, it’s done. It’s not even about the fear of terrorists getting in the plane, security is way too strict about that. Fear can be about waiting to hit the water once the plane exploded, it is not about the explosion itself, the fear can be about the wait and the anticipation to the moment you will hit the ground or the big splash when you reach the ocean.

Ultimately, the fear is really about not having any control. All the controls are with the pilots, in a plane all we can do it to sit and wait for the landing. You can occupy the time watching endless movies, reading, listening to music that is just about it. I often knit, it’s very relaxing.

Ultimately, do we really have control when we are on the ground? At home? We actually don’t have any control at all, all we have is the illusion of having control. Years ago, in the interior of BC, a young man, was dancing down the street, wearing his headphone, he was listening to music from his boom box, and… a helicopter landed on him! He did not even hear if coming, because of the headphones. It may sounds almost funny, but… it really has happened. The chances of this happening is extremely low, of course, all we can do is to find the lesson here.

The lesson is that all we really have is this moment. In this moment, there is no fear, in this moment, we don’t need control, and all we really have in this moment is peace and joy.

Think about it, when flying do we really need control? We are in the hands of highly skilled pilots, they have the ultimate control.

All this is logical, fear is not logical, it is about the emotions that started a long ago. Homeopathy can help finding the source of that fear and address it. They are people out there that were terrified of flying, now, thanks to homeopathy, they have become frequent flyers and during turbulence they help others. If you need help with fear of flying or any other fears or anxieties, call Lucy De Pieri on 604 307 5967 for a 30 minutes FREE consultation, it is your opportunity to find how homeopathy can help you.

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