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Pimples, zits, acne, spots,
skin eruptions,
no matter what you call them…

By Lucy De Pieri

Pimples, zits, acne, spots, skin eruptions, no matter what you call them, they spell embarrassment, self-consciousness and they raise the feeling that they are the most visible part of your face. Looking in the mirror, you can’t see your beautiful eyes, your great smile, all you can see, is that pimple that looks like a huge volcano, all red and sore, with a white tip not yet ready to pop. In desperation you try to squeeze it and … nothing comes out. What are my friends going to think on this monstrosity that has invaded my forehead? The day starts badly and it continues that way because you can’t stop touching it, then you remember the wise words of your grandma, “Don’t touch those zits, you don’t want them to get infected”. Now your head is full of thoughts of huge pimples that are getting infected… now that is something to worry about for real.

In homeopathy there are 212 remedies that addresses acne. In the constitution prescription, I am interested not only on the acnes, but what kind of acne they are. Are they itchy, and what happened when you scratch them, do they appear before your period, are they painful and what kind of pain? Are the acne black, do they bleed easily, is your skin oily or dry.

Most importantly I am interest in understanding you, the whole of you. What makes you sad, angry or happy, are you afraid or anxious about the future or, perhaps about going back to school? I am interested in the whole of you, because the acnes are not separate from your body that is why the whole of you needs help.

 I offer a 30 minutes free phone call consultation, you can ask me anything you wish to know, this is an opportunity for you to find out how homeopathy can help you, your pimple and the most important the whole of you, including the fears, the anxiety or perhaps the painful periods.


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