Myth #3 – Homeopathy – how can it possibly work, there is nothing in it

Once again, definitely a myth. If I give a remedy to my cat or a baby would they know what I am giving them? Of course not. Years ago, my cat ear was extremely smelly, it was the kind of smell that would ooze and invade the entire house. The poor dear was obviously upset. I have to force his mouth open when I was giving him the first dose of the remedy. A little while later, I decided that it was time to give him another dose. To my surprise, he opened his mouth! How did he know that what I was giving him was helping him? I have no idea, but it did not take long that I noticed that the horrible smell from him ear was gone and he was his happy self.

One more story? A mother called me, she was stressed as her 8-month-old baby had not had a bowel moment (pooed) for 9 days!! All her usual ways did not work. What was interesting was that his belly was not protruding, he had not been pushing either. Mom said it was like he forgot how to do it. Not a lot of clues, but I decided on a remedy. 5 hours later, with a lot of pushing and some crying, he produced a huge amount of poo. Mom could not believe how much was in there.

Did the baby know what he was given? No, but the next time he saw me, he had a big smile for me.

If homeopathy was just placebo, how could we explain these events?

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