Myth #6 – Homeopathy cannot help with infections

Not true. There are a number of homeopathic remedies that can address infections. The principal upon which antibiotics use is based is to kill the bacteria. However, assuming that this is really the best strategy, in order for the antibiotic to work, it is crucial to know if the infection is due to a bacteria or a virus. Further, it is important to know what bacteria it is.

Unfortunately, in most cases, there is not enough time to establish what is causing the infection, and the default is to use broad spectrum antibiotics. The drawback is the vast majority of bacteria in the body are wiped out, and opportunistic microorganisms like yeasts can take over.

In homeopathy, we use remedies that stimulate the body’s ability to recognise what is of the body and what is not, discharging the foreign object, which could be bacteria, or a poison (as in food poisoning), or a poison from a spider bite, or the tip of a pencil embedded in a child’s hand.

Homeopaths have to be aware if the patient has a pacemaker, or some other implants, the remedy may discharge that too. It is important to see a qualified homeopath, as homeopathic remedies are very effective and we need to know exactly what they can do.

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