There are 764 homeopathic remedies for depression

Answer is YES – The crucial thing is that the remedy that will address the “depression” will also have to address the other symptoms telling that their Vital Force, or vitality, is low. So for example, a man is depressed because he feels exhausted all the time. I will ask what he does for a living and what the working hours are. It turns out that he works extremely long hours because he wants to get ahead. When asked why, he tells me that he wants to prove to his dad that he is a good provider. When he was growing up, his father kept repeating that he was not good for nothing. The father passed away many years ago. The remedy needed for his “depression” will take into consideration the low self- esteem, the competitiveness as well as the burning pain in his stomach. The remedy will be different from the one given to the mother that just lost her new born baby and cannot recover.

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