Does Homeopathic treatment have side effects?

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Answer is NO – Side effects depends on how the medicine was tested. The pharmaceutical industry tests their products on specific organs, or conditions. They are not interested in what happened to the rest of the organs of the body [...]

Is Homeopathy based on placebo?

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Answer is NO – When I prescribe remedies for my cats and they get better, do they know what I gave them? Same as when I gave the remedy to a baby. They have no idea that what they were [...]

There are 764 homeopathic remedies for depression

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Answer is YES – The crucial thing is that the remedy that will address the “depression” will also have to address the other symptoms telling that their Vital Force, or vitality, is low. So for example, a man is depressed [...]

Can allergies be treated homeopathically?

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Answer is YES – Homeopathy can help someone with allergies because there are symptoms that the Vital Force is overwhelmed to the point that even the smallest amount of pollen is sufficient to create big reactions such as running nose, [...]

Can Homeopathic remedies help with dental work?

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Answer is YES – Recovering from surgery is hard work for the body, as it is not just trying to rebuild tissues, but it is also trying to detox from all the medications that were administered before, during and after [...]

Can symptoms of menopause be helped with homeopathy?

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Answer is YES – homeopathy not only helps the extreme sensitivity of a woman in her menopausal journey, that include hot flashes, night and sweats, dryness of the skin, extreme irritability, just to name a few, but it helps her [...]

Is there such thing as homeopathic first aid?

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Answer is YES – Homeopathic first aid not only helps people right away, but anyone can take a Homeopathic First Aid course and learn to help their loved ones. In the Homeopathic First Aid course you learn what remedy to [...]