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Flu season is coming

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What can you do to help yourself and your family?

Flu season is coming

What can you do to help yourself and your family?

As the days are getting shorter and the weather gradually is getting colder, there is a tendency to spend more time indoors. The daily free Vitamin D that we get from the sun is declining.  Have you noticed that this is also the time that people start to have colds and flus? Don’t you find it odd, that people, in general, don’t have the flu in the summer? It’s not that the flu virus “wake up” in the fall. Virus are around us all year around, I find it fascinating that people have flu symptoms when we have less sunshine or normal Vitamin D.

What can you do to minimize you having the flu?

  • Take Vitamin D3 regularly
  • Avoid crowded places, where there is higher of being exposed to contagious people.
  • Get more sleep or slow down
  • Make sure you are hydrated, drink warm water with lemon, it’s very soothing
  • Enroll to the Homeopathic First Aid in the Continuing Education in the SD 43 in Coquitlam, in the Coquitlam Montgomery Center 
    You will learn how to use a number of remedies that can help you and your family, to minimize the chances of having the flu. Further, if you end up having the flu, you will also learn how to use specific remedies to help you recover faster so you can go back to can go back to school or your child go back to school.

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