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I heard people commenting that Homeopathy is for ailments that has been there for a long time. This is only partly true. I see people with all sorts of chronic conditions both physical and emotional, Homeopathy has a long history on helping such conditions. However, homeopathy is also very effective in case of acute conditions, such as minor burns, sprains and sprains, insects and animal bites, over indulgence and even hang overs!

For example. The kids were playing on the newly cut lawn, they were having fun, suddenly they run upstairs scratching themselves, anxious for a relief. “Do something mom!” There was urgency in their voices. The remedy I gave them was Aconite, and suddenly they were back, no need to scratch, no anxiety. “Can we have ice cream in the garden?” they asked. It was one of those times that after years old practicing and seeing all sorts of cases, I was surprised on how quickly the remedy worked.

I am teaching Homeopathic Essential courses for the School District 43 and the students will learn how to help their family with some acute conditions. I am so proud of my students they are learning a lot from these courses and they are helping themselves and their families.

Have you consider taking such courses? Call me, 604 307 5967 for more information.

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