Homeopathy For Cats

“Mom come! Suki has a hole on her belly…”. This was the most unusual excuse that I ever heard from a child delaying going to sleep.

Of course, I had to go and look just in case, and …. OMG, Suki has not only one hole but 2 holes on her abdomen. I had no idea how it happened, the wound looked clean and there was no redness, heat, or discharges which are all the signs of an infection. Suki did not look like her happy self. She looked withdrawn and it was not that easy to check on her abdomen.

We need a remedy to close those holes, I told my child, and we cannot use Band-Aids on Suki, I joked with my kid. She looked worried.

The remedy needed here was Calendula. This remedy is very useful; not only does it have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties, it also has an amazing ability to heal wounds, fast. Calendula is one of those bright orange flowers that cheers gardens in the summer called a Marigold.

It is important to know the remedy before we use it. For example, with Calendula, it should not be used in puncture wounds, as the skin will close on top of the infection and you will end up with the infection deep into the tissue.

In case of Suki, it was clear that there were no signs of infection. We gave her Calendula in a dose of the remedy in a liquid form.

Before breakfast, my child and I checked at Suki’s belly looking for the holes and … there were none. Even I could not believe it. All that was left were two small scars in the location where the holes were.

We were both so surprised, but it was the purring that told us that all was well and our little cat was back being a usual happy kitty.

In my family, we often wonder what we would do without homeopathy, but I cannot stress enough that before prescribing one needs to know the remedy well and what to do.

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