Homeopathy For Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest life lessons a woman can experience. To be prepared makes a big difference. For example, during pregnancy, calcium is in great demand by the developing unborn child, calcium may come from the mothers’ food, or her own reserves. It can also come from homeopathic tissues salts; these remedies allow for the baby’s demands to be met and for the mother’s reserves not to be depleted so she can stay healthy now and as she ages. Furthermore, if there was insufficient calcium for the unborn child, it is more likely to see ailments associated with depletion or poor calcium assimilation. As the baby grows there may be issues like teething problems and growing pains.

Some more problems include morning sickness, moodiness, anxieties about pregnancy, labor and beyond, and/or not enough milk? The baby may experience projectile vomit, constipation, colic’s, digestion difficulties? I have helped women and babies with these and other health issues.

Most women are healthy during pregnancy, but they can still have minor ailments like headaches or a sore throat and colds. Homeopathic remedies are helpful in such cases too.

Recovering from a natural birth or C-section can sometimes be challenging, there are homeopathy remedies specific to these conditions and I have personal and professional experience in this area.

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, not addictive, have no side effects, and are very safe to be taken by pregnant women or new babies.

Homeopathy strengthens our own innate ability to help ourselves naturally. One of the benefits of being treated homeopathically during pregnancy is that the baby is helped too!

I offer 30 minutes free consultation so you can ask me any questions you may have and see how homeopathy can help you too.

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