What do you do when you see a warning light on your car’s dashboard?

If you see a light on the dashboard of your car, do you remove the lightbulb or take the fuse off? Obviously, you wouldn’t do that, because that light is a message telling you that the car needs attention. Right? Right.

So when you have a headache, why do you take a painkiller? Did you know that taking a painkiller is the equivalent of removing the light bulb on your car’s dashboard!!

Pain is the message that the body is telling us that there is something wrong and needs to be addressed.

What you may want to do it is drink some water, often a headache is caused by dehydration. Or maybe you are overheating, take a layer off and find a cool place. Or maybe you have spent too much time in the sun and your eyes are tired. Or maybe you are angry because you just had a fight with someone and you need to take time to regroup.

If, however, you have a chronic headache consider seeing a homeopath… we have 767 remedies that help headaches.

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