You turn facing the clock again, it is 3 am, you have seen 12, and then 1 and then 2 am. You are tired of seeing the clock changing and you  keep waking up. Fear sets in, soon it will be time to get up and the day will be hard, will I be able to function today? You toss and turn, you cannot find a place to relax and fall asleep. It’s so frustrating!! The frustration makes it worse.

You have tried to relax and to meditate and that did not work. You got up, watched TV until you were sleepy, in bed you slept for less than 1 hour, and you woke up again. You tried to read the most boring text book you could find, you fell asleep for a while, but again, you woke up.

You worry about this lack of sleep, the worry and the anxiety about it contributes to keeping you wake. What if this total lack of sleep will result in a serious disease….

The alarm goes off, you can’t believe how little sleep you had and yet you have to go to work. You know that there is a limit of how much coffee you can drink to keep you awake, because not only you have to visit the washroom a lot, but you are afraid that you will make some horrible decision with serious consequences….

Have you heard of Homeopathy? Would you believe that we have 702 homeopathic remedies about sleeplessness? Yes, we do. There are specific remedies addressing your unique way of waking up frequently, for example there are 132 remedies addressing the situation where the person has too many thoughts preventing her or him from falling asleep. There are 312 remedies for someone that are able to sleep before midnight, but are awake after midnight…

Which remedy among those would be remedy to help you? That is a good question. As a homeopath, I am interested in the whole human being that is suffering. I listen very carefully not only why you cannot sleep, or what wakes you up, I am also interested in whole of you, do you have any fear, or anxieties? What kind of food to you crave and do you have any aversions? Are you a person that is happier to be around people or are you at your best when you are alone? And so on. I will be looking for a remedy that is specific to you. It is like a tailored suit that fits only you perfectly.

I am so grateful that we are all different, we are like snowflakes, they are all unique exactly like human beings, Homeopathy addresses and honour our uniqueness, prescribing a remedy that reflect that uniqueness.

If you want to know more, call me. I offer a 30 minutes free phone consultation. There is no obligation, it is an opportunity to learn about homeopathy and how it helps.

Lucy De Pieri

Helping With Your Healing Journey


Lucy is kind-hearted, open-minded, non-judgemental, and understanding. She is supportive and patients feel very comfortable to talk with her, thus beginning their healing process.