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I started my journey in Homeopathy with Lucy in May 2008. Prior to my  consultation with Lucy I had been struggling with some very difficult  issues in my life. I had sought relief using the more popular methods  (psychiatriasts, therapists, workshops, self help books). These  struggles were a constant drain in my life and I had started to feel  trapped and frustrated with no clear idea of how to resolve these  issues. The stress would manifest itself in my body, but I had no way to  break the bad-habits and patterns I had developed over the years.

After starting on homeopathy, for the first few months it was very  difficult for me to ascertain if I was making progress. I didn’t realize  it but I had started reacting differently to situations. I had started  being a little more aware of what was going ‘wrong’.

A few people remarked that I looked more relaxed and slowly I found  myself standing up for myself and setting limits in situations where  previously I would given in too easily. Now, just 16 months later, I  find myself stronger and feel a greater control over my condition and  stressors. I’m resolving dilemmas that have been a major drain in my  life for the past 5-6 years. I’m moving forward and there is no denying  it. There is also no denying that Homeopathy and Lucy De Pieri’s  patience and extraordinary skill played a large part in this process.  Thank you doesn’t begin to express the gratitude – but it is a start.  Thank you Lucy! Thank you Hahnemann!

S.S. , Vancouver, BC, I find myself stronger

I’ve gone to see Lucy on a variety of issues and she is nothing short of amazing. She has found a solution for every ailment I had…. Lucy is as close as they come to a miracle worker. Thank you so much and I can’t recommend you highly enough. The world needs more healers like you!

Karl Bryan, Life Changing

When I came to Lucy a year ago, I was covered in eczema from neck to ankles and had been able to eat only ten foods for about 25 years.  I was even unable to take the supplements necessary to correct digestion, leaky gut, or fibromyalgia, so I was in no man’s land.  After a year I have been able to add five foundational supplements for basic good health, and trust that as these take hold, my body will be ready to process some additional foods.  My daily pain level has gone down by 90% and I am beginning to feel stable for the first time since the late 1980s.  I have many days and nights now pain-free.  Lucy is generous and caring and knows what she is doing.  I am amazed she took me on as a near-impossible case, but she did and I am so grateful.

Genoa Castell, Vancouver, My pain has gone down by 90% !

I have suffered from severe allergies daily for the past 35 years. I always had a runny nose, nasal congestion and chronic productive cough. Every spring I sneeze frequently and have itchy eyes and sore throat at times. My doctor gave me steroid inhaler prescriptions every year which only helped my symptoms slightly.

I finally decided to consult Lucy. I have my initial and very detailed 2 hours consultation in September 2015. With Lucy’s remedies I have now noticed a significant 79% – 80% improvement in my symptoms with reduced mucus production and nasal congestion. I have not been taking any prescribed and / or over the counter medication since my consultation with Lucy. For the first time in 35 years I feel more normal again. I am very amazed at the results.

Lucy was very professional and knowledgeable. She was extremely patient in answering my numerous questions as I was very skeptical in the beginning. I plan to continue to consult Lucy to make further improvements to my health and well- being. I highly recommend her services. Thank you Lucy for making me feel so much better

Gowri Atkinson, Active Living Physiotherapy, For the first time in 35 years I feel more normal again.

I have experienced profound healing in many areas of my life as a  result of my treatments with Lucy. Her calm, supportive and  non-judgemental manner made a huge difference in the way I was able to  share my information, and I felt extremely respected, acknowldeged, and  safe. I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone wishing to heal in any way  – big or small.

L.B. , Port Moody, BC, I have experienced profound healing

Last fall I went to see Lucy De Pieri to see if It would help stop the multiple cases of sinusitis I get each year. We sat down and had a chat during my appointment. It was open, emotional, refreshing and nothing like a doctor’s appointment.  At the end I left feeling lighter and wondered what my remedy would be.

When Lucy brought me my remedy I couldn’t wait to take it. I knew allergies season was approaching quickly and so I took it as soon as I could. Well, I took one dose did not end up getting one sinus infection the whole fall, winter or spring. Even my doctor was shocked. Normally he sees me twice in the fall, once in the winter and once in the spring for sinusitis. It was such a pleasant change to not be taking antibiotics for months on end.

Thank you Lucy for the release from my allergies!!!

Tanya Robichaud, I left feeling lighter

I count myself extremely fortunate to have discovered Lucy De Pieri.

When I first went to her, I was very low emotionally and felt hopeless and “just done”. She kindly made an appointment for me immediately, and when I left one hour later after being intently listened to and some gentle questioning I felt hope.

The homeopathic remedy she gave me lessened my despair gradually and gently so that I felt stronger and more able to cope.

What I appreciate most about homeopathic remedies is that it works “quietly” in your body, without the reactions and side effects that usually happen with typical medication.

I love that it works with your body to get to the heart of what is is the problem.

When life is overwhelming, I count on Lucy to work her magic, and I deeply appreciate knowing her.

Lucy’s skill in listening and caring understanding so that she can give the very best remedy needed is remarkable!

I highly recommend her!

Brenda Cook, Port Moody, I count myself extremely fortunate

Lucy De Pieri has been involved in my family’ health since 2011. I have always wanted to be more “medicine free” but didn’t know how to go about it. With Western Medicine either telling you nothing is wrong or constantly prescribing medication to help even the slightest cold, etc. I was sick of going to them, NO pun intended!

I decided to take a chance and talk with Lucy regarding anything that comes up. Anytime my kids,, husband or I have a cold, allergies she can prescribe medication free remedies. I must let everyone know of this miracle remedy called “ACONITE” you take it at the onset of any cold, runny nose or sore throat and YOU will NOT get sick! I have been using them and they are phenomenal!

She also helped with medication free remedy to help with labor pains before and after birth to finding out what a horrible rash on my new born baby’s face was in her first week of life. Lucy has always had such a simple approach and very caring behavior. She take her career seriously and has an abundance of knowledge. She makes you feel very cared for and takes the time to listen to what may be causing any problems. With such acute care she finds a remedy right for you.

My daughter face rash was due to my dairy intake and we figure this out in one sitting by asking multiple questions…..I took the dairy out of my diet and my daughter’s face cleared fully within 3 days! It was astonishing, since my Dr. had said it had “Nothing to do with dairy”!!!

I am a firm believer in what she does and in homeopathy, I would recommend her to all people, with any ailments for a cleaner sustainable solution to health!

Lucy, I am very pleased to call you my Homeopath.

Erica Cusumano, Port Moody, She makes you feel very cared for.

I was dealing with severe sinus problems causing earaches, as it  seemed my every sinus cavity was constantly inflamed. As well as high  cholesterol, fears of osteoporosis, aggressiveness, thyroid problems and  severe anxiety attacks.

After many exhausting visits to medical doctors and specialists I  turned to Homeopathy. Aside from this I was desperate to unfold the many  knots in my personality. Who was I really and why am I behaving the way  I do.

My first meeting with Lucy…I thought, “How can she help me?” This lovely lady in a very simple lovely room.

I was in for the surprise of my life. She listened as I spoke and as I  confronted her with “her abilities” my unbridled energy in its scary,  dysfunctional confusion filled her room. What a state I was in.
I left unimpressed and received my remedy, which I was to do the hocus-  and things would change. Well I will give anything a try.
The answers I so desperately sought came pouring out.

As my emotional issues were so gently and undeniably addressed so were  my physical issues. Through the few months of treatment the sinus  problem COMPLETELY dissipated. Lucy had to bring it to my attention. I  was no longer suffering with this horrible issue. My energy returned, as  did a sense of well being that I had never really experienced in life.

The cause of the anxiety was coming from a place I never would have  expected. The remedies seemed to help me find all my Aaaah Haaa moments.

Now I know who I am. I know why I was constantly doing what I didn’t  want to do. I know how to deal with it all in a way that benefits  everyone. Feeling whole and well is truly a gift that I never thought  could be.

No drugs with ugly side effects. No emotional traumatic unraffling.

It appears to me that this treatment guides the body and strengthens  it so as to encourage physical and emotional healing simultaneously. The  trip was short, pleasant and very educating

What an amazing journey.

Thank you Lucy for being that one in a million that is there because you simply want to help.

D.R. , Port Moody, BC, Feeling whole and well is truly a gift

Lucy tailors remedies to your needs and gives you a greater understanding of how homeopathic treatments may help your condition. Lucy has a high degree of expertise in this field and it shows. She is extremely generous with her knowledge and time in order to support her clients.

I highly recommend her services. Anyone who hires Lucy will gain more than an effective remedy as she is a caring professional who keeps your personal health foremost in her work and thoughts.

J Chandler, I have used Lucy’s services both for myself and a family member

January 18, 2011 I went to Lucy De Pieri for a general ailment–something that bothered me for a long time but not serious enough to go to my regular “western medicine” doctor. I was a bit nervous but I also wanted relief.

Lucy listened and asked questions about many different things. I felt like I was a whole patient. I felt like my whole being was included not just the body part in question in the quest for a solution. These questions made me think of the big picture too. It helped me view my problem from a different perspective. I felt like I was an active participant in the solution not just a taker of a pill given to me.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lucy to anyone troubled by physical or emotional difficulties.

Kathy L. , Port Moody, BC, I felt like I was a whole patient

Lucy is a VERY special person with rare and valuable talents and it is an absolute priviledge to have her on my wellness support team.

DC, Coquitlam

Since few years ago, I had dealt with some chronic illness. After seeing numerous conventional doctors who can do nothing to fix my problems, I was fortunate to learn and experience “homeopathy” which amazingly helped my body heal. I also tried to read a few books about homeopathy because I’d like to know more. One day my husband’s doctor told him about Lucy’s homeopathic class in Coquitlam, and we were so glad to hear there is a great access for patients to learn the fundamentals of homeopathy. Lucy’s class is practical and she is passionate about sharing her valuable knowledge and experiences with students. Her lectures effectively help us understand how to stay healthy and what to do when we cannot reach a doctor right away. It’s a rare opportunity to learn from a doctor like her in Greater Vancouver.

Shen, RC