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Top 10 Myths About Homeopathy 2017-08-18T11:26:44-08:00

Top 10 Myths About Homeopathy

Myth #1 – Homeopathy is slow to act 2017-08-03T22:21:39-08:00

Definitely a myth. For example, children were playing with the freshly cut grass when, suddenly, they called for help. They were itchy all over, and they were scratching themselves like it was really in fashion. I gave them a remedy and literally, within minutes, they stopped itching and scratching and all they wanted was to have ice cream outside

Homeopathy acts fast when the condition has not been there for a long time. The body takes longer for the body to heal if the condition has been there for some time, as we are looking at a chronic health issue, not an acute.

Myth #2 – If you eat onions, mint and coffee you cannot take homeopathic remedies 2017-08-03T22:19:11-08:00

Yes, definitely a myth. It is best to stay with the same diet and habits as before seeing a homeopath, as it will be difficult to know what has caused what. For example, if you drink a lot of coffee and you give it up just before you take your remedy, it will be difficult to know if the well-known irritability and headache that some people experience when giving up coffee are due to the remedy or to the lack of coffee. A well-known homeopath used to offer coffee to her patients at the end of the consult, just to prove this point.

Having said that, coffee is inimical to some remedies, meaning that coffee “fights” with some very distinct remedies. The homeopath can easily check this out.

Myth #3 – Homeopathy – how can it possibly work, there is nothing in it 2017-08-03T22:16:48-08:00

Once again, definitely a myth. If I give a remedy to my cat or a baby would they know what I am giving them? Of course not. Years ago, my cat ear was extremely smelly, it was the kind of smell that would ooze and invade the entire house. The poor dear was obviously upset. I have to force his mouth open when I was giving him the first dose of the remedy. A little while later, I decided that it was time to give him another dose. To my surprise, he opened his mouth! How did he know that what I was giving him was helping him? I have no idea, but it did not take long that I noticed that the horrible smell from him ear was gone and he was his happy self.

One more story? A mother called me, she was stressed as her 8-month-old baby had not had a bowel moment (pooed) for 9 days!! All her usual ways did not work. What was interesting was that his belly was not protruding, he had not been pushing either. Mom said it was like he forgot how to do it. Not a lot of clues, but I decided on a remedy. 5 hours later, with a lot of pushing and some crying, he produced a huge amount of poo. Mom could not believe how much was in there.

Did the baby know what he was given? No, but the next time he saw me, he had a big smile for me.

If homeopathy was just placebo, how could we explain these events?

Myth #4 – Homeopathy is a ‘magic remedy’ that can treat any disorder 2017-08-03T22:13:59-08:00

Like any other field of medicine, homeopathy has its limitations. For example, it cannot treat cases where surgery is unavoidable, many dental cases, etc. But it will definitely help to recover faster from both surgery and dental extracts.

Myth #5 – Homeopathy is only useful in chronic cases 2017-08-03T22:10:39-08:00

As I mentioned above on Myth #1, homeopathy can work fast in acute cases. Most people think that homeopathy only works in chronic cases is because they many have come to homeopathy after everything else they tried, failed. Their Vital Force is sluggish, and they may have been taking a number of allopathic medicine that made their condition chronic. In such cases, it may take longer to see any significant changes after homeopathic care.

Homeopathic remedies are safe, they can be used by babies, pregnant women, and people that have extreme sensitivities.

Homeopathic remedies have no side effects and they are effective in both acute and chronic ailments.

Myth #6 – Homeopathy cannot help with infections 2017-08-03T22:09:02-08:00

Not true. There are a number of homeopathic remedies that can address infections. The principal upon which antibiotics use is based is to kill the bacteria. However, assuming that this is really the best strategy, in order for the antibiotic to work, it is crucial to know if the infection is due to a bacteria or a virus. Further, it is important to know what bacteria it is.

Unfortunately, in most cases, there is not enough time to establish what is causing the infection, and the default is to use broad spectrum antibiotics. The drawback is the vast majority of bacteria in the body are wiped out, and opportunistic microorganisms like yeasts can take over.

In homeopathy, we use remedies that stimulate the body’s ability to recognise what is of the body and what is not, discharging the foreign object, which could be bacteria, or a poison (as in food poisoning), or a poison from a spider bite, or the tip of a pencil embedded in a child’s hand.

Homeopaths have to be aware if the patient has a pacemaker, or some other implants, the remedy may discharge that too. It is important to see a qualified homeopath, as homeopathic remedies are very effective and we need to know exactly what they can do.

Myth #7 – If you are taking allopathic (mainstream) medicine you cannot take homeopathic remedies 2017-08-03T22:05:16-08:00

In my experience working with women on a large number of allopathic medicine for their addiction, the homeopathic remedies still worked, slowly, but they worked and it was clear that they did. Hence, yes, you can take homeopathic remedies even if you are on medications prescribed by your doctor. The remedy will not interact with what the medications you are taking.

Myth #8 – Homeopathic remedies are like herbal medicine 2017-08-03T22:03:09-08:00

Actually no. There are two main differences:

  1. Homeopathic remedies are made not only with plants, but also with animals and mineral and gases, and other tissues.
  2. The main difference between herbal medicine and homeopathic remedies, even regarding the same plant, is that the homeopathic remedies are highly diluted while the herbal medicine is taken either as a tea or as a tincture, so they are not diluted at all.

For example, Aconite is a highly poisonous plant, herbalists cannot use it, but because it is highly diluted, it is very safe to be used in a homeopathic form. The remedy Aconite is extremely useful when something happens out of the blue, it is dramatic and intense. Yes, it is a good remedy in some cases of Panic attacks.

Myth #9 – Homeopathic is just mind–based medicine 2017-08-03T22:00:14-08:00

Obviously, this is not correct. In Myth #1 and #3, I gave an example of a remedy given to my children when they had a sudden allergic reaction to grass. It worked, proving that Homeopathy not only work fast but it is not just a mind medicine.

In Myth #3 I presented a quick case about how my cat reacted to receiving a remedy for this ear infection, again it worked fast and how can I read the mind of a distressed cat? This again proves that homeopathy is not just mind based medicine, but it works by strengthening our innate ability to heal ourselves.

Myth #10 – You have to believe it for homeopathy to work 2017-08-03T21:58:40-08:00

Again, this is definitely just a myth, when I treat babies, or our pets, they not only, don’t know what they were given, but they also don’t know about faith. So, once again, homeopathy works by strengthening the innate ability of the body to heal itself.

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