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What is happening? …. Puberty

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What is happening? …. Puberty

What is happening? …. Puberty

You are not sure what is happening, hair has started to grow in unimaginable places, including your armpit. Are you wondering if your stuffing is coming out? No it’s not your stuffing, after all you are cute but you are not a teddy bear. Let’s not talk about the chest, yes it is growing too, even wearing an XL size t-shirt is not hiding what is growing there.

To make life worse you are getting so irritable, so cranky, it is almost embarrassing, and you don’t mean it, it just comes out like that. There are so many things that used to be easy now they are not bothering you. No you are not going crazy.

You had enough of these changes, then the cramps started… then the period started that was the last straw… OMG you thought that only happens to old women!

Welcome to Puberty!

As odd as this may sound, this is all good, because this is what happens to healthy women, oh yes, you are a young woman now, and you are not a girl anymore.

As the hormones settle down a regular pattern sets in and believe it or not one day all this will be normal.

Unfortunately, some young women have a hard time with cramping, irregular and heavy periods, so bad that they are have to miss school. Once a months these young women are challenged.

I have helped many young women with these issues including the acne that are associated with menstruation. Talk with your mom, I offer a 30 minutes free consultation for you and your mom to ask questions and to see how homeopathy helped so many young women.

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Lucy is kind-hearted, open-minded, non-judgemental, and understanding. She is supportive and patients feel very comfortable to talk with her, thus beginning their healing process.

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"I have experienced profound healing in many areas of my life as a result of my treatments with Lucy. Her calm, supportive and non-judgemental manner made a huge difference in the way I was able to share my information, and I felt extremely respected, acknowldeged, and safe. I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone wishing to heal in any way – big or small."
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